Yellow plastic bottle shape USB flash drive custom beverage industry promotional gifts

Yellow plastic bottle shape USB flash drive custom beverage industry promotional gifts
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Yellow plastic cola bottle U disk custom creative shape Usb gift flash disk, let it fill the beverage brand's wonderful memories and stories, personality creative ABS plastic yellow bottle U disk is especially popular with girls, plastic and yellow cola bottle combined with a personality U The disk, which can carry corporate advertising, is suitable for printing customized LOGO, making the beverage brand more eye-catching.
plastic Yellow cola bottle custom USB flash memory
The bottle is the most common item in everyday life, because it is a container that can hold liquids such as drinks, water, wine and juice, so this is a plastic bottle USB disk specially designed by CaraUSB for a Coke company. Rotary switch, USB is hidden at the bottom of the bottle, the bottle is flat 2D effect, not the shape of the three-dimensional bottle, of course, the most special design is the position of the USB flash memory chip, is a rotary open type, no cap design, extremely simple The volume of the bottle USB flash drive, the weight reduction also provides a large area of printing area, to meet the customer's custom color logo design, the best carrier for advertising. We can also customize the cosmetic bottle u disk, or the milk bottle USB disk, as well as a variety of beverage bottle USB flash drives. Pick your favorite bottle to customize the delicate shape of the small bottle, print a variety of signs, fully express the story of the drink and unique memories.
Beverage bottle container USB flash drive custom brand logo
The top of the bottle is a small ring design, which can be hung with a keychain key chain lanyard, etc. It is convenient for carrying ornaments. This is a long bottle of USB flash drive. The color of the ABS plastic case is yellow. The bright and bright yellow color is especially easy to remind customers that this is a very Good drinks, lemon tea, etc., especially suitable for summer beverage promotion activities, U disk bottles are especially suitable for gift souvenirs to consumers, can also be used as advertising gifts for bottle makers, a bottle of USB flash drive promotes the popularity of beverages, also To provide a perfect image spokesperson for the bottle factory, welcome you to customize the yellow plastic bottle container USB flash drive as a corporate logo gift, customize your advertising logo and choose the chip storage capacity. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.

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