Swiss army knife design rotating plastic knives type USB flash drives

Swiss army knife design rotating plastic knives type USB flash drives
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Swiss army knife shape USB flash drive design tool knives logo
The multi-function Swiss army knife shape USB flash drive has always been a very expensive product. It has the most functions in all USB flash drive products, and it carries several small cocks, such as scissors pliers, etc. All of its shell costs are also the most expensive. The most important feature of the U disk industry is the uniqueness and diversification of the outer casing. If a product can achieve the user's aesthetic and practical, then this will be a very popular trend.
Saber styling multi-function knife USB flash drive promotion custom logo gift
A combination of 5 function-type USB flash drives, this is a composite tool, a great USB flash drive product, if you want to find a knife-shaped promotional custom gift, then the Swiss Army Knife USB flash drive is the most ideal object. Because it is small and easy to carry, it is versatile and practical, and can meet daily life and office needs.
Plastic knife type USB flash drive composite tool class promotion custom logo
The outer shape of the knife-type USB flash drive is made of plastic and metal. It is a very good small-size digital storage device. This is the best tool promotional gift, because the utility knife cutting function is achieved. The combination of the tool USB flash drive is very powerful and can meet various usage scenarios. The printed logo is a good advertising route, because the company has fully displayed the corporate advertising information and the design is very clever.
Tool maker custom personalized saber knife USB flash drive gifts
When we use the tool, we will definitely think of you Swiss Army Knife, because it has excellent quality, reliable blade, sharp cutting, helping users realize the concept of cutting tools. Therefore, the U-disk is hidden in the tool, which is a very appropriate tool promotion, in line with the tool manufacturer's product image, and is very beneficial for the promotion of kitchen products. You can find all kinds of products in the knife design, but the image of the Usb flash disk knife Swiss army knife is very novel and special. Whatsapp: +86 150 1414 8476 Email:  Skype or Wechat#: may_yuan_china

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