Red PVC soft rubber custom promo gifts wireless interphone USB flash disk 2Gb

Red PVC soft rubber custom promo gifts wireless interphone USB flash disk 2Gb
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Do not be confused by the appearance of the walkie-talkie, in fact it is an Usb memory, mini 3D flash disk walkie-talkie, we use soft PVC rubber material to shape the walkie-talkie outer shell, finished simulation of buttons, switches, displays and antennas and other details, the surface of the walkie-talkie USB disk can also be die-casting embossed three-dimensional logo, the flash memory chip is inserted inside the interphone enclosure. Open the intercom covers, you can see the USB chip, link the computer and start working.
wireless interphone walkie-talkie Usb flash disk
The emulation walkie-talkie Usb flash disk is a private customized radio communication equipment, and the red mini emulation walkie-talkie USB flash disk can be used for the promotion of mobile phone products, communication network business gifts for business gifts, this wireless walkie-talkie Usb drive is CaraUSB ( for the communication company. Professional design and production of corporate gifts, walkie-talkie USB flash disk shell color black and red. The production method of the PVC walkie-talkie gift USB flash drive is based on the physical pictures and details of the walkie-talkie, design renderings, and proofing mass production. Looking at the black and red interphone U-disk you do not want to speak, wireless walkie-talkie usb memory sticks is very realistic, the biggest feature is the appearance of the embossed company logo.
Pvc custom red 3D gift walkie-talkie USB flash drive
What is the selection of walkie-talkie business summer promotion gifts? The summer gift market starts to be as hot as the weather. What kind of advertising gifts do the radio communication companies love? The walkie-talkie USB flash drives as an advertising promotional product is generally a product with a brand logo and marketing meaning. Both practical and ornamental, let target consumers put it down. The radio transceiver Usb flash disc has a typical service life of six years, spent a sum of money, and made a few years of advertising.
The best-selling walkie-talkie USB flash memory in the wireless communications industry
Advertising walkie-talkie USB Drives gift can increase or expand the popularity of the company, increase the market share of walkie-talkie products, and obtain higher sales profits. Interphone Usb thumb drives is very common, but it is a personalized portable digital storage device. Its chip flash memory capacity is 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.

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