White big bone stick USB Drives custom pets popular promo gifts

White big bone stick USB Drives custom pets popular promo gifts
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What pet dog loves to eat most, I say the answer is bone, yes, in order to catch the attention of more pet dog owners, pet hospital launches promotional activities, send free bones USB flash drive gifts, as long as you bring dogs to see a doctor, You will get a free white 8GB Bones flash memory sticks giveaways.
White bone shape custom pet supplies usb sticks gifts 4GB
Hey, this is not a bone bar eaten by dogs, but a realistic white soft USB flash drive, which simulates the dog's favorite big bone shape, using a white soft PVC soft material as a shell, the surface of the bone USB disk is also embossed With a three-dimensional logo, what can be done to attract the pet breeder's attention? It is better to customize the pet's favorite food styling USB flash memory, such as the big bones USB thumb drive is a cartoon gifts for pets feeder, fully consider the dog's preferences, and the details symbolize the pet supplies.
Pet Hospital custom white bone USB flash drives promotional souvenirs
Bone USB flash drives are the most favored gifts for pet dog supporters because they like dogs, so they are especially aware of the foods that dogs love to eat. Big bone shaped USB sticks can be given to dogs as a toys, let puppy bite and play. The bone shape usb pen drive is irregular, with oval shaped drops at each end and a narrow tube in the middle. The flash memory chip is hidden inside the white bone outer shell. White cartoon dog bone U-disk, using soft rubber PVC material, bone U disk built-in promotional materials, can not be deleted, but also print customer logo trademarks and advertising words and other information.
Pet dog's favorite bone shape custom USB flash disk prom gifts
A creative and personalized pet gift big bone Usb disk, is the dog's favorite small and cute bone flash disc, mini-white large bone Usb pen drive similar bone shape, very suitable for women friends to buy. Pet shop custom bone shaped USB flash drives can be given to loved ones as welfare souvenirs, pet clinics can also be ordered, because the bones of the USB drives to the pet owner will let everyone remember the clinic. www.carausb.com my@carausb.com Whatsapp: +8615014148476  may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com carausb@qq.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.

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