Rock musical instrument guitar model pen drive custom music gift USB disk

Rock musical instrument guitar model pen drive custom music gift USB disk
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Black soft rubber bespoke guitar USB disk 8GB musical instrument gift
The piano is the king of musical instruments. The guitar is the prince of the musical instrument. So many people are rock fans. If you can play the guitar, you will get a lot of admirers. Rock band is inseparable from the guitar player, he is the soul of people, so many people want to buy guitar gifts, we professionally customize all kinds of musical instruments USBs gifts, such as this black and white soft guitar usb flash disk, is the classic promotional gifts. Its appearance is a guitar, but a flash memory chip is placed inside the PVC housing, and the capacity of the flash chip is customized according to the customer's requirements for digital storage. Many music school students also like musical instrument modeling gifts. The mini-simulation guitar USB memory disk will help students to store music scores and Songs, easy to carry guitar gift USB flash drives will be a good helper for music learning.
Black Guitar USB Disk custom promotional gifts 1gb 2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb 64gb
The details of the guitar are fully reflected on the USB flash drive outer shell, such as strings, music symbols, regulators etc. The appearance of the guitar USB flash disk is very similar to that of a guitar, so the simulation of realistic guitar USB sticks is the best logo gift for the music team. , It can also be used for souvenirs of music concerts and free gifts for solo show of personal guitars. The instrument guitar u disk takes you to appreciate the charm of music. The customized USB flash drive will help fans remember the personal image of musicians.
PVC soft rubber mold custom black guitar USB flash drives free promo gifts
The guitar USB disk is divided into two parts, which together is a guitar, as an ornament is very cool at home, as a Usb thumb drive can be used for office and daily life, very practical, every time you use a guitar USB flash drive, will bring a lot of good memories The wonderful enjoyment of music, music and concerts is treasured in this instrument's USB flash drives. The guitar musical instrument training organization can also customize the musical instrument gift USB flash disk for beginners, expand the reputation of the music base, and attract more music lovers to come and register for guitar playing techniques and master the playing rhythm of the guitar. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.

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