Coin ancient currency custom metal USB flash drive digital gift 1GB more capacity

Coin ancient currency custom metal USB flash drive digital gift 1GB more capacity
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Curious about the appearance of ancient Chinese coin coins? Come onlookers, this is the prototype of our ancient Chinese coins, oh, no, this is our custom metal coin USB flash drive, to bring you good luck and lots of Fortuna wealth, storage 1GB-128GB of digital data, easy to carry, can be printed or laser engraved logo.
Ancient coins coin currency USB flash drive metal shells custom bank logo
This is the ancient Chinese coin-like USB flash drive, metal custom bronze color coin Usb memory flash disk, you can see that the wisdom of the ancient people condensed on the design of the coin, yes, round coins represent the earth, square holes represent the southeast and northwest In four directions, the die-cast engraving text represents the year and amount of the coin. Coins are a symbol of wealth, and you can see your meaning by sending customers gifts. So if you want your customers to be wealthy and have sufficient capital flow, you can make a metal coin USB flash drive as a promotional gift.
Bronze metal coin USB flash drive customized logo gift promotion
We have designed the coin currency coin to place the flash chip, and added a key hole for easy carrying, so you can see that the details of the small coin USB flash drive are beautiful, just to customize the beauty of the advertising gift. You can choose the material color of the coin USB flash drive, the storage capacity of the flash memory core, and the matching of the customized logo scheme and the packaging box. The one-stop custom currency wealth USB flash drive gift is only for the financial center, bank, bond, investment and currency circulation. Free gifts that match the image theme. The circulation of wealth maintains the economic operation of the society. Whether you are an investor or a usury lender, a bank stock investment decision maker, or a family insurance buyer, you can't do without coins. Therefore, the bronze mini metal currency can be regarded as the most appropriate promotion. Used to attract the attention of consumers. Whatsapp: 0086-150-1414-8476 Email: Skype or Wechat: may_yuan_china  QQ: 1945727351

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