Car brand custom leather case USB flash drive promotional gadget

Car brand custom leather case USB flash drive promotional gadget
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Black leather USB flash drives are suitable for auto repair shops, new car promotion conferences and auto parts trade fairs. Customized car brands have become a trend. The popular USB flash drive gifts can be used as a marketing tool for business gifts, or It is an advertising tool, especially for car sales promotion, etc. The black semi-elliptical USB flash drive is covered with leather PU material, metal casing and personalized custom packaging box.
Famous car brand custom leather high-end promotion USB flash drive gift black appearance
Car brand custom black leather USB flash drive, laser engraving car brand, Original flash chip capacity can be customized from 1GB to 128GB, car promotion advertising deli marketing gadgets, leather USB flash drive has always been a luxury high-end portable digital storage device, the best advertising marketing gifts promotional price adaptation Car brand event marketing occasions, as well as advertising words from custom car companies, bespoke free gifts suitable for car sales.
Car marketing promotion custom black leather USB flash drive marketing gadget
Semi-circular shell, black leather PU material, metal wrapped flash memory chip, so this is a very stylish leather USB flash drive, to ensure data security, custom logo area includes metal shell and leather cover two parts. Both metal and leather surfaces can be screen printed, color printed and laser engraved logo. A small mini-circular button magnet is hidden inside the leather, and the attraction of the magnet firmly adheres to the metal part.
Black oval leather USB flash drive hidden button small magnet laser car brand logo
The purpose of custom black leather USB flash drive is to help auto companies to expand their brand awareness. In order to promote the company's image and print the logo of the car, customers can freely choose the flash chip capacity, logo printing method and gift box. All USB flash drives can Printed guest's marketing graphics and matching custom-made boxes, etc., the material and color of the USB flash drive shell are optional.  Whatsapp: 0086-150-1414-8476 Email: Skype or Wechat: may_yuan_china  QQ: 1945727351

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