Smart lock company customize Round head metal key USB flash drives oxidized shell color

Smart lock company customize Round head metal key USB flash drives oxidized shell color
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Round head Flat Metal Key USB Flash Drive Personalised with Your Logo
The round metal key USB flash drive is a new product in all key series USB flash drives. There are no holes in the round head. The complete round metal head is very cute. It is suitable for large-area circular logos or circle patterns. Customized customer logo, processing The logos include screen printing, color HD digital printing, and laser engraving. The outer shell of the round head key is made of aluminum. According to the customer's color requirements, the color of the outer shell is oxidized. The Pantone is matched precisely. It is especially convenient to customize the gift key USB flash drive. The flash memory chip of the metal round head joint key USB flash drive is UDP, ultra-thin and durable. High-speed read and write speed, especially suitable for new product promotion and business meetings, or promotional occasions. The location of the UDP chip is the front of the U disk. It is suitable for printing commercial names and trademark maps. The other side can print a large area, especially for circular logos. If you want to refer to the logo renderings and printing patterns, we can free of charge. Design a visual rendering for reference. The beautiful appearance of the round-head metal key USB flash drive is similar to the simulation key.
Silver Circular round-head metal key USB Flash Drive 8GB 16GB
The exquisite round head key metal flash drive has a large brand display area. Unfortunately, it cannot be hung around the neck and cannot be connected to the key chain because it is an integral metal case with a housing key shape. Even non-profit organizations can customize gifts to donors, or as small discounts to customers who buy locks. Promotional key-shaped USB flash drive with a cute round-head metal key shape. Customize print or laser engrave logos or graphics for your organization. Why do you like personalized USB key USB flash drives? Because it has many attractive features. As a promotional gift, it attracts public attention and is used as a corporate gift or trade show gift. It is a very portable key standard size that is extremely lightweight and easy to store in a wallet. Available memory sizes range from 1G B to 128GB. Provide annual brand exposure. An anodized shell color to choose from, a creative USB product category! Due to the nature of the memory chip market, prices may fluctuate significantly. In order to get the best price, please contact our sales team members. May Yuan, Whatsapp: +86 150 1414 8476 Wechat/Skype: may_yuan_china QQ:1945727351

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