Ultra-thin push-pull metal card USB flash drives brushed aluminum business card size

Ultra-thin push-pull metal card USB flash drives brushed aluminum business card size
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  • Dimensions:86x55x2mm
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The metal card flash disk is a business card usb flash, made of metal material shell, advertising area is very large, advertising effectiveness is good, both sides can be the entire surface color printing logo. The 3.5mm thickness of the ultra-thin metal brushed look underlines business brilliance.
Ultra-thin mini metal brushed pull metal card 2.0 usb disk
OEM metal card U disk features pull type, standard size card U disk is a customized Bank of Miami gift, we all know that bank credit card savings cards and business cards are common items, this is the new aluminum brushed surface of the hardware card U disk, the location of the chip using pull design, double-sided printing of large areas of advertising information and trademark logo. Ultra-thin metal card Usb drive is an aluminum material to create the card shape, the surface can be printed corporate LOGO, free design sample renderings, imported chips, there is a 5-year warranty. removable card Usb disc is based on the use of the classification, The business card type of the metal shell material adopts the drawing process effect, and the high-grade stainless steel metal material can be selected as smooth and brushed.
Aluminum pull-type metal brushed card shape Usb flash memory curtain metal cards U-disk
Aluminum brushed card USB stick has always been the company's best free gift as a gift, pull the metal card Usb flash drives for LOGO process: laser engraving, silk screen and color printing. U-disk material: aluminum metal. Usb flash disk capacity: 128M 256M 512M 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. The new concept of waterproof metal card flash disk soaked in water all day, still can be used normally, read important information
creative metal pull card flash disk brushed metalic cards type Usb drives custom logo laser
The aluminum business card type USB flash drive is a metal card Usb pen drive. The exterior appearance of the aluminum shell Usb stick is designed according to the size of the bank's standard credit card. The Usb memory can be placed in the pocket of the clothes or wallet wallet and carried around. Metal card Usb thumb drive is an important classification of card Usb drives series, the main material is aluminum alloy. The metal card surface adopts the metal brushed technology. No fingerprints are left on the aluminum material. The size is: 85X53X2.5mm, and the entire card has a smooth mirror effect. www.carausb.com my@carausb.com Whatsapp: +8615014148476  may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com carausb@qq.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.

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