7800mAh powerbank Plastic pillow illumination backup USB chargers

7800mAh powerbank Plastic pillow illumination backup USB chargers
  • Item: PowerBank-00101
  • Dimensions:75*75*20mm
  • E-mail: carausb@aliyun.com
  • Categories: Power Bank

cubes shape plastic illumination powerbank 7800 mAh with LED light
The new Rubik's cube 7800 mAh large capacity mobile phone powerbanks rechargeable gift, Liquid lithium-ion batteries 18650 three batteries. Color: grass green, blue, rose red, purple, orange. Product Size: 75 * 75 * 20MM; box + MICROC charging cable +7800 mAh mobile powerbank. Hot selling small boxes cube LED light mobile powerbank 7800 mAh, plastic shell, the surface can be customized logo, China Carausb manufacturers wholesale pillow shape mobile power bank gifts.
Square pillow powerbank 7800mAh plastic charging LED lights powerbanks
The best box shape plastic 7800 mAh powerbanks, 3 units 18650 battery, pillow box shape mobile power bank can be used as your lighting gifts, USB input and LED lights, great luminous items, mobile powerbank has been a hot type of charging gifts, because Its practicality, especially to the smart phone charging, to meet the phone additional power reserve. Square mobile power bank is a very cute square appearance, the two surfaces can show a large area logo and text, screen printing, HD full color printing or UV printing your advertising slogan and marketing information or company name, etc., great advertising carrier , Custom battery capacity and with different USB charging data cables or packaging boxex and so on. Carausb offers a complete set of gift mobile powerbank's customization solutions that meet your advertising budget and image branding.
plastic Box shape pillow powerBanks 7800mAh comes with LED lighting
illumination powerbank 7800 mAh is made of ABS hard plastic, colorfule surface, with LED light, can charge your mobile phones and lighting in the dark, as flashlighter, useful usb backup charging chargers, can custom any advertising info. www.carausb.com  may.yuan@carausb.com  carausb@aliyun.com  Skype: may_yuan_china  Whatsapp: 008615014148476

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