corn shape usb flash disk 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB

corn shape usb flash disk 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
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  • Dimensions:58.3mmx23.6mmx9. 0mm
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agriculture gifts maize USB flash drives 32gb promotional gifts
Corn shape Usb flash disk is suitable for agricultural promotional gifts, corn mascot customized USB flash drive has 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB, etc., yellow corn cartoon usb disk with green leaves, there is a wind on the head of the corn beard, corn face on the small mouth embellished with black eyes and smile, super cute giveaways. PVC soft rubber is an environmentally friendly shell material, you can freely customize the character USB flash memory according to your favorite style, cartoon character usb drives corn flash drive can make your gifts more unique. PVC corn custom Usb flash memory disk to use a custom image to customize, corn shape is very attractive, corn head is also very stylish, on the head of colored hair, green leaves wrapped in a yellow body, plus mouth and eyes, embellished a three-dimensional Corn flash drive. CaraUSB as a professional manufacturer of Usb disk for simulation foods, corn U disk , of course, you can also choose vegetable Usb disk, fruit Usb flash disk custom Logo service, cherry Usb memory disk, sushi Usb sticks, seafood USB flash drives. The agricultural sector is closely related to crops. Therefore, golden soft rubber corn PVC customized Usb flash disk can well reflect the characteristics of crops. Corn has always been a symbol of grain, and the corn harvest is the scene most desired by the agricultural sector. A farm will grow a variety of crops, but the corn is the most popular food, so every farmer will like corn, so the Ministry of Agriculture can customize the maize usb flash disk, copy agricultural knowledge and cultivation lesson plans and other information into the corn USB flash memory, Distribute to the farmer as a free gift, easy to promote agricultural resources, and train planting methods. Usb flash disk corn can be a small textbook, it can store 1GB ~ 2GB ~ 4GB ~ 8GB ~ 16GB ~ 32GB ~ 64GB ~ 128GB of max content, small body contains large content, yellow corn with green leaves, cartoon corn shape gift USB flash memory disk is a mascot, promote agriculture and technology sector policy And agricultural information.
farming giveaways corn shape usb flash disk 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16B
Corn is a farmer's favorite crop, and the corn harvest is a news that everyone loves to see. So corn usb flash memory gifts will bring the most auspicious blessings to farmers. Choosing a corn-shaped portable digital storage tool to transfer data and store photos is no doubt the best choice. Corn USB2.0 flash drive, fast speed, large capacity, environmentally friendly silicone corn Usb disk 3D three-dimensional shell, can be used as a gift for business gifts exhibition gadgets, simulation corn Usb memory disk manufacturer is CaraUSB. Physical size is 58.3mmx23.6mmx9. 0mm, our tag category is fruit Usb flash memory and food Usb drives, existing corn mold can be printed logo, lettering, shape customization, color and flash chip capacity can also be arbitrarily selected, MOQ 100 pieces, free design visual effects, Custom corn Usb memory sticks in the technical content is not high, only from the appearance and individual design highlights, the main feature is to have a simulation of a beautiful corn shape Usb thumb drives. Corn Usb sticks features: corn modeling, full of personality, 32MB-32GB, the chip is COB packaging technology, waterproof, using A-class flash chip, USB interface, can be used as ornaments. Corn herbicide company recommends custom corn U disk as a promotional gift, agricultural tools company also likes corn mascot USB flash drive, and the Ministry of Agriculture meeting souvenirs can also choose corn USB flash stick. For any agricultural activity and farm competition, you can buy a corn thumb drive as a gifting item. Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Wechat: may_yuan_china   QQ: 1945727351 

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