Green Frog shape usb flash drives 8GB

Green Frog shape usb flash drives 8GB
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CaraUSB is a professional custom animal frog Usb flash disk manufacturer, bespoke green frog shape Usb disk is our latest launch product. Animal Usb disk has a variety of shapes, there is a flat 2d modeling and 3d three-dimensional modeling, the shell is mainly pvc soft rubber material. 
Big Eyes green frog silicone Usb disk super cute cartoon frogs USB flash drive creative USbs wholesale
Green frog Usb flash disk is a summer promotional gift, because the frog is the most common animal in summer, its body color is green, cute frog image, 3D animal USB sticks has always been very popular with children, frog Usb memory disk is very suitable for children As toys or gifts, parents will use green frogs usb flash memory to teach children to protect animals and protect the environment. Everyone knows that frogs catch pests, you can carry a frog USB drive to store your photos and videos. Green frog Usb flash memory disc is a cartoon animal gift custom USB product, using PVC material, simulating the frog's body, the cartoon frog usb memory shape can seize the customer's appeal at once.
Personalized silicone gift flash disk frog Prince 32GB green USB drives
The frog U disk uses environmentally friendly soft PVC soft material to mold customized gifts, because the 3D cartoon animal Usb flash drive is the best-selling personal product of CaraUSB, the green frog USB flash's image shows the crop's beneficial insects frog which is a good helper to catch mosquito or pests. The frog shape Usb disk is mainly composed of three parts: frog Usb disk shell + chip memory + packaging box. We first produce the frog shell, then put chip memory into frog shells and finally pack the finished product into the box. All the steps can be customized. Just tell your idea. Carausb is your gift customizing expert.
Frog Usb memory disk animal cartoon pattern custom small batch gifts
The body color of the frog Usb memory disk is grass green, its stomach is blue, the eyeball color is black, and the face is pink. Custom frog gift USB flash drive, you can choose your favorite shell color, of course, you can also according to your favorite cartoon frogs pattern to design the effect map, CaraUSB free design frog shape Usb flash disc visual diagram. What are the summer theme promotional gifts? The frog Usb thumb drives can bring you summer cool, the frog is an amphibious animal, so it has become the protagonist of the fairy tale, every child will use the frog as a childhood playmate, custom frog flash disk is a very simple matter, as long as you contact CaraUSB salesman, send your order quantity, chip capacity and logo file, CaraUSB will be glad to take the rest job. Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Wechat: may_yuan_china   QQ: 1945727351 

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