Rotated Clamps usb flash memory sticks 1GB to 64GB

Rotated Clamps usb flash memory sticks 1GB to 64GB
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Rotated Clamps usb memory sticks 1GB 4GB
Aluminum clip rotating Usb disk, is a newly launched rotary Usb flash disk. The classic 360° rotation Usb memory flash drive with different plastic colors, oxidized color aluminum clip is also particularly prominent. Customized rotating usb memory disk gifts, aluminum alloy rotating clip Usb sticks appearance of the most common shell contains a clever design, careful you will find this section of the shell is very light, because aluminum is not heavy. There is a larger area of ​​printable content on the surface of the clip, which can play a better role in advertising. It is the best choice for corporate gift customization U disk!
Rotation Clamp usb flash disk 2GB 8GB
Creative full metal rotating aluminum clip Usb thumb drives, it's amazing sales, very popular, short time to market but received a lot of customers praise, IT holiday gift best choice! Usb disk origin from Shenzhen, Guangdong. CaraUSB offers a variety of different shapes of Usb flash memory products. Lightweight and compact, lightweight spinning flash drive, lightweight and easy to carry, with a flexible rotating design, 360 degree free rotation, no cap design, can effectively protect the USB interface, reduce the probability of cap loss, some consumers do not like Hat, this is a very practical design
Swivel Clamp usb flash 16GB 32GB
Metal rotating aluminum clip Usb flash drive has different plastic colors, adopts rotating structure design, aluminum clip color can also be oxidized into any color, exquisite custom craftsmanship, exceptionally bright personality. With no cover rotation design, flexible 360-degree free rotation, the user can easily use only gently turning the aluminum clip. All products use the original A-level Flash chip, fully guarantee the stable operation of the Usb flash disc, directly revealing the personality Logo is a good Gift choices. The introduction of a new type of rotary U disk, the product requires both the thin and light, but also the storage tools, daily work transfer data, USB flash drive is undoubtedly the best choice. Fast transmission speed, large chip capacity, not only support storage of data, but also can be done as a system disk, rotating usb flash disc is the largest shipment of products in international trade, the appearance of simple and elegant, you can silk screen company's logo, color printing brand logo or Laser engraving phone numbers are very good advertising carriers. Friends who need advertising gifts can refer to Carausb's USB flash memory products. Whatsapp: +8615014148476  Wechat: may_yuan_china   QQ: 1945727351 

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