why Usb flash disk the price has so much difference

why Usb flash disk the price has so much difference? U disk excep flash chip capacity, there are other factors affect the price of flash disk it? 
The same U disk U disk prices why so much difference? Many customers do not understand why the different U disk factory reported the price is not the same, at least the price will vary greatly! Why is that?
1. If it is the same style U disk, U disk shell the same, the same packaging, memory is the same, but the U disk manufacturers reported out of the same price, and some will vary greatly, this is because the chip problem can only be Chip problem, because the packaging price, shell price is basically the same on the market, only the chip price will directly affect the U disk finished product prices.
2. If your request is the original chip, then note that the original chip has several models, different models, different prices, there is a fixed-chip, many factories on the chip as the original chip with a fixed-chip with The quality of the original chip a little difference, but the price of the chip with the original chip will be a big difference between the price!
3. If you request is a general chip, the general chip there are many models, some 4 models, or even 5 models, different models have different prices, many U disk factory, the customer to the general chip, they may use the most Poor kind of model to help you do the goods, because cheap! In particular, Toshiba chips, the price difference will be 1 yuan.
4. So you say 20 yuan U disk how do I do it? If it is 20 yuan, it can only be black or upgraded. So, some friends will ask, why do other people 20 yuan can do it? This involves a U disk industry secrets. I can only say that you buy is marked with 1G, in fact, absolutely no capacity 1G, it is after the upgrade.
For example: 128M after the upgrade, you can reach 1G. While the price of 128 as long as 4 yuan,
1G less than the cost of 18 yuan = 10 yuan +2 +4 = 16 yuan, 20 yuan a course to do it. Do not unplug
U disk, U disk attribute display are 1G. You can also copy the 1G file, you can read out, provided that the same computer, and can not unplug the U disk. To identify this U disk, the best way is to copy the end of the file, get another computer to see if it can read out. Because the fake thing is false, if you copy the things 800M, there is something about 680M is not read.
In short the chip is very different, the price will vary greatly! Chip is a problem! So I hope customers do not fooled!

The main components of an Usb disk are the master and flash memory, the analysis.
Flash memory:
Flash memory is the memory chip, all the data in the above, flash memory capacity is usually Usb disk capacity, the greater the more expensive.
Flash has a variety of techniques, common slc, mlc, tlc, followed by the three speed reduction, followed by shortening life, followed by price reduction.
Flash memory also has a single channel and dual channel of the points. Sometimes 4g * 2 dual-channel 8gU disk than the single-channel 8g * 1 high cost, but the dual-channel speed.
Flash cutting process there are many, the more sophisticated the smaller the speed the faster the higher the cost.
Finally, suppliers, different brands of flash memory price is not the same, the quality and reliability of brand-name stability and high cost.
The master is the chip that allows the flash memory and the computer to recognize each other.
Master determines the maximum transmission speed, high-quality master fast, stable, fast, high cost.
The master determines the interface. Support usb3.0 master than the cost of supporting the usb2.0 master much higher.
Sometimes for the speed of the use of SSD SSD master, the cost is higher.

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