A Few Factors Of Affect the price of Usb disk

Why U disk capacity as large, but the price then how disparity it? There are A Few Factors Of Affect the price of Usb disk, 
1. Brand awareness
2. Material, such as metal materials will be more expensive
3. Creative u disk, including a lot of personalized design elements
4. Multi-function, such as OTG on the go dual-use mobile phone
5. Whether to support usb3.0 interface, 3.0 version of the read and write speed much faster
6. Copy the transfer speed
7. Special customized services
The market has now emerged "fake Usb disk." The so-called fake Usb flash disk is: in the purchase of small models, through the software to change it to a large model of Usb pen drive. In fact, only when the purchase of storage space, but the computer shows a lot of storage, such as: 8Gb to 128Gb, can only store 8Gb, the computer display 128Gb. General software such as 360 is not detected. You can use when you put 128G things, but you pull out and then re-insert the Usb drive, you put into the 128G file only 8G, and a large number of files damaged. Recommended not to buy. There is a way you can see is true: when you use a fake Usb sticks for a long time, his total storage will never change, true Usb flash memory storage space will gradually decrease as the number of times and time.
Usb disk price is not to see the appearance of different, but the capacity and brand! . The brand is good, the capacity of a little expensive, of course, the quality is very secure on the capacity of the U disk to 4G Kingston U disk than other manufacturers of expensive

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