Precision advertising Usb disk advertising management memory drive

Precision advertising Usb disk, a lot of people do not care about the flash disk brand, because the ad custom Usb memory disk more in line with the company's product background and site management module needs, modern life, people are more concerned about the Usb drive easy to carry features, advertising management Usb disc can Send, update, management advertising. Shenzhen Usb flash disk factory CaraUSB launched the Internet smart Usb drive, you can cooperate with your site background to manage the software to enhance the access interface. To carry more accurate advertising push. Internet precision advertising targeted technology, relying on the advertising management module, through the Usb memory sticks targeted advertising and target the target audience, one-on-one communication. What are the advantages of fine advertising Usb memory disk? Mention advertising usb flash disk, advertisers only care about the appearance of the shape and chip storage capacity, according to the company's product image, specially designed custom custom Usb pendrive, creativity and concept is the characteristics of gift Usb thumb drive, but also Advertising gifts are one of the practical gifts. Insert the Usb drives to the computer, pre-play an ad FLASH, e-magazines, slides, video data (you can set their own off time, such as set the 10 seconds to show the close button, then the user to watch 10 seconds to manually shut down) , And with the text scroll to play advertising content, you can display the latest promotional products or special product link information; mention advertising u disk, many people must be no stranger, it is a storage advertising USB memory sticks. Indeed, advertising usb drives is a special kind of USB, but we make this ad usb disk production process, let us pay attention to CaraUSB, tell you the process, characteristics and advertising prices, but also facilitate your marketing occasions and Celebration activities.

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