How to identify whether your Usb disk poisoning?

How to identify whether your Usb disk poisoning?
Usb flash disk is all the most frequently used storage medium, but poisoning Usb drive also has been plagued by problems of consumers today, CaraUSB'll let you introduce how to identify whether your Usb flashdrives poisoning.
        USB flash drive is full name, the English name "USB flash disk". It is a physical drive without using the USB interface of miniature high-capacity mobile storage products, connected via USB interface with a computer, plug and play. Flash disk this name because of its simple and easy to remember and therefore well known, is one of the mobile storage device.
        Here's how to identify whether the method your U disk poisoning:
        In your Usb flash disk built in an empty folder named autorun.inf.
        If your Usb sticks can not complete the renaming, it shows your Usb memory sticks has been poisoned, then, it is recommended that you back up your important files before formatting.
        The principle is: most of the virus is to first establish and then typing autorun.inf virus when entering the C drive is through this folder inside the file to the media.

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